And we’re back!! Missed all you folks and happy to be back. Class times will be running as usual tomorrow (7am,845am,10am and 530pm) Hope to see you all tomorrow at some point!!


Strength: Every 2 minutes for 12 Minutes (7 sets):
5 Touch-and-Go Power Snatch

Build to a max 5 rep set for the day.

Touch-and-Go is the goal of today’s Power Snatches, but don’t let that devolve into crappy form for the sake of hanging on to the bar. Scale reps and/or load to something you can handle well.


Conditioning: For Time, 21-15-9:
Push Press

These pull up numbers are with kipping pull ups in mind. Substitute Jumping Pull-Ups (I will review these in class if anyone needs) or Ring Rows for Pull-Ups so as to move through quickly. The intended stimulus today is a light-weight, fast workout. Scale accordingly.