I was going to explain start this conversation on Wednesdays post but got a little caught up in current affairs of our neighbors to the south. Who I’m actually going to visit starting next week (one of their territories at least). Which bring me to this post. From Monday(Nov.14th- Nov.19th) the gym will unfortunately be closed(all memberships will have a one week extension added to them).

The following week November.21-27th, we will have a slightly modified schedule, as well as some new (well known) staff coaching and teaching all of you. I’m proud to introduce Robbie Elliot, who will be taking care of the 7am, and 845am classes. As well as Allan Pearson, who will be leading you if your showing up for either the 530pm or 630pm classes. These gentlemen are excited to share their knowledge and love of movement with you. I feel very confident I have left you folks in the right hands.

The 10 am class will be postponed until I return on the 3rd of December. There will also not be a saturday training unfortunately, but this will quickly resume once I’m back. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone call or text message, or get at me in the gym.






Every 2 Minutes x 15:

Snatch Deadlift + Mid-Hang Snatch + Snatch

Start at about 60% and build from there as appropriate. No press-outs. If you miss a lift, you can attempt in on the next round. If you miss again (either a straight up miss or a technical miss), then take weight off the bar.



4 Rounds Not For Time:

25 Hollow Rocks

6e Palloff Presses