Does  alcohol have a place in a healthy diet?

The occasional drink or two in moderation has a place in a healthy diet. Small amounts of red wine may even be good for our heart. Alcohol can also help us cope. Take the edge off. Chill us out. Grease the wheels of social interaction. Make us feel like part of the crowd.

Plus depending on our booze of choice, alcohol can be tasty. It can go well with a meal, or provide the perfect ending (think high-end Scotch).

Whether it’s a glass of wine with dinner or a few beers with friends on a sunny patio after work, alcohol in moderation has a place in a balanced, healthy diet.

Problem is, what defines moderation?

Well, here’s my guideline:

Can you temporarily go without your regular alcoholic drinks for two weeks without feeling uncomfortable?

If not, then you may not be drinking in moderation. Alcohol may be helping you cope with things.

And it may be time to face that.

What to do?


  • Review your drinking habits.
    I’m not here to point fingers or tsk-tsk you. You’re grown adults.

    Don’t judge. Just observe.

  • Ask yourself honestly about the importance of alcohol in your life.
    How often do you drink, and in what situation?

    What significance does alcohol have for you? Does it feel crucial or necessary to you?

    If you don’t drink for two weeks, what might happen?



Hangs/Scap Pulls or Kipping Swing/ Pull Ups:

We are going to spend 15 minutes working on these progressions, before moving on to the strength work.




Back Squat:

3×5 Linear Progression

Add 5-10lbs from last week.



Warm up to one working set of 8 a little heavier than last week.