First of all just a quick apology for having to cancel the Monday night classes. Ended up with that bug that was going around, but I’m feeling a 100% better today so we can get back at it!

As most of you know we are coming to the end of this training cycle. Which means in the new year we will be focusing on different variation of movements. Which brings me to the question. What would you like to see in our upcoming cycle. No this is not because I’m running out of ideas for us (they are endless 😉 ), but I’m realizing each of you have context on yourselves that no one else can understand.  I need to take your requests and input into account, while designing our training cycles. Thus making our programming more of a two way conversation.

To that effect please let me know what you wish to see in future training cycles, either in person, on the blog via comments, even emails. I’m happy for any sort of feedback, get at me!



Heavy 3 or 5 rep



Heavy 3 or 5 rep



4 Rounds Not For Time:

150m Rowing Sprint
25 Hollow Rocks

Hit the rows hard, then move immediately to the hollow rocks. This will test you ability to maintain a good position while short on breath. Record each of the row times.