Carbohydrates, Part 1

Carbohydrates are your friend. The more active you are, the better friend they’ll be. The thing is, not all carbs are created equal. I’m not taking about Simple VS Complex carbohydrates. I’m talking about just making better choices and try to sub some of the not so great carbs, for smart carbohydrates.

“Smart carbohydrates” are carbs that are:

  • higher in fiber (so they digest relatively slowly, giving you long-lasting slow-burn energy)
  • full of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients;
  • friendly to your blood sugar, hormones, and digestion;
  • versatile and easily cooked;
  • whole, relatively minimally processed foods; and
  • damn tasty.

Smart carbs include:

  • fruit (fresh or frozen)
  • starchy tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • other starchy fruits and veggies, such as plantains or winter squashes
  • whole, minimally-processed grains (such as quinoa, brown or wild rice, slow-cooking oats, buckwheat, sprouted grains, etc.)
  • beans and legumes

For this week I want you to challenge you to try not eating fewer carbs, but eating better ones. At every meal, try to eat about 2 cupped handfuls of slow-digesting, high-fiber, nutrient-rich smart carbs.

Strength: Squats

Back Squat: 2 x 5, Front Squat 2 x 5

Use same load as last 2 weeks.
Conditioining: 5 rounds for time:
12 Wall Balls
12 Box Jumps