Carbohydrates, Part 2

Here’s a quick reminder.

“Smart carbs” are carbs that are:

  • health-promoting
  • slow-digesting, and
  • nutrient-rich

“Not so smart” are carbs include “foods” like:

  • pastries, such as cakes, cupcakes, and muffins
  • cookies and bars, including those “tricky” protein and nutrition bars
  • sweets: candies, chocolate, etc.
  • sweet drinks: fruit juices, soda, and other sweetened drinks (including sports drinks)
  • sweetened dried fruits: raisins, dried cranberries, banana chips, dried dates or figs, etc.
  • . . . and pretty much anything that’s processed and comes in a bottle, bag, or box.

Refined carbohydrates have almost no fiber or beneficial nutrients. Unlike smart carbs, they subtract value from our bodies. You don’t feel full, pleasantly satisfied, nor well-nourished when you eat these. You often just feel kinda lousy. (And worse, you often want more.) Leave these foods for special occasions, like dessert after a fancy restaurant meal, snacks at your Super Bowl (when Denver is playing) or World Cup party, or a slice of cake on your birthday.

Remember. Keep it simple. More fiber and nutrients + whole foods = more value. Smart. Less fiber and fewer nutrients + processing = less value. Not so smart. You’re trying to build some quality muscle and top performance.

Always look to add more value to your diet.

To be continued….

: Squats

Back Squat: 2 x 3, Front Squat 2 x 3

Add 5-15 lbs to Week 1’s exposure, possibly use your old 3RM.

Conditioning: For Time,21-15-9:

Wall Balls

Pull Ups