Last week someone texted me after class saying ” I hit a PR(Personal Record) in my clean today!! I didn’t want to seem to excited because there was to many people but I’m so stoked”.

Like it or not these people you train with our part of our/your gym family. Who better is there to tell about Cleaning 5lbs heavier than you ever have before or getting your first unassisted pull up. Most people won’t be able to relate (or even know what a clean is). So celebrate the small victories with the people your in the trenches with day after day, week after week. High five, hoot and holler, whatever makes you feel good. Its important part of the reasons we train in a group setting.

It breeds results.

Strength: Squats

Back squat: 2×5, front squat 2×5

Use something a little heavier than last week.

Conditioning: 5 Minutes, As Many Reps As Possible of:

Wall Balls

-Rest 5 minutes-

5 Minutes, As Many Reps As Possible of:

Push Ups