90% (of two weeks ago, heavy 5) for 3 sets of 5


75% x 5

85% x 3

95% x 1+

All percentages are based off a TRAINING MAX (aka TM), which is 90% of your 1RM. So, if your 1RM is 200 lbs, you’ll base use the prescribed percentages off of 90% of that which would be 180 lbs. Each week, the last set of the day is a “rep-out” set, where you perform as many reps as you can (with good form) until 1 or 2 shy of failure. The goal is no failed reps so if you’re not 110% sure you’ll make the next rep then rack it!



5 Rounds Not for Time:
60 Second L-Sit
30 Calorie Row

 Accumulate one minute per round on the L-Sits. Choose a scaling option that allows you that allows you to hold for sets of at least 10-15 seconds at a time with up to 30 seconds of rest between sets. Use rings, parallettes, boxes, or benches to support yourself on them, or perform them hanging from a Pull-Up bar if you can’t do them atop something. Push the pace a bit on the rows. Even though we’re not doing the 5 rounds “for time,” keep your work rate up throughout.