Some thoughts we shared with our nutrition group that I realized we can all benefit from remembering.

Here’s the secret:

You can not fall off the wagon.

You can not get back on it.

In fact, there is no wagon!

Mind blowing, I know, or at least my mind was blown.

Each of us are self propelled, and make our way down our own path.

I’ve heard it countless times and had said it myself for years…”I’ve got to get back on the wagon”. I have personally abused this thought process and language for years. This language seems to allow for some other power, in this case The Wagon, to make or break us. We make a big change in our lifestyle that seems like it will make everything better. That if we can stick to it we will once and for all be happy. We decide to get on The Wagon. We choose a date, prepare for it, and then go full steam ahead. How I used to abuse this was once the date was set everything was fair game and fine until that point. Ice cream for dinner? No problem, next week this all changes. This is something I’ve done countless times and its the accumulation of these times that bites us.

As soon as that date comes and we are on the wagon, game on! At first it’s great, this is when you’re riding the momentum created by the hope of change, or of something changing you. Then some of the reality settles in and you stray a bit from The Wagon. You “mess up” and feel guilty. Maybe you even “mess up” a little more because of the guilt. So what do you do now? This is the point where you can move further off your path (have a second or third beer, order dessert after pizza, have a crappy dinner since you “messed up” at lunch, etc…) or turn back toward it (make your next decision one that lines up with your values and priorities). You can eat like crap all day and it’s still only one day. Health and fitness is not made or broken in one day alone. Be nice to yourself, don’t beat yourself up about it. And importantly, don’t wait for some wagon to come along and pick you up.

If you find yourself in a cycle like this then consider a few things. First, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or a failure. It means you’re just like everyone else, myself included.

Fit and healthy people don’t magically not crave “bad” foods or never have trouble abstaining from unhealthy treats, and it’s hard for them to get to the gym sometimes, too. They even kick back and have a few drinks and french fries every now and then. What they do is consistently make more good decisions than poor ones. They live more in line with long term values and less with instant gratification.

Try this: Think about what you value, then think of a few small actions you can take right now to live in line with those values. It’s important to realize that we are constantly making small decisions about how we will live and who we’ll be. This means that you can make a choice to have an all weekend bender or give in to a craving for the office donuts. That’s ok. It also means that you can make your next choice one that you are ok with, that makes you happy, and that is in line with your values.

Be nice to yourself and put one foot in front of the other. Don’t wait for “The Wagon” to come around again and pick you up.



4 x 8

This will be the rep scheme used for the next 4 weeks, including this week. Pick a weight that allows you to stay true to the tempo of exploding up, 1 sec pause at the top, 3 seconds lowering and a 1 second pause at the bottom. Choose a weight that you will feel like has a little room to go up in the coming weeks.



2 Rounds of…

AMRAP 6 Minutes:

6 Toes-to-Bars

9 Overhead Squats

15 Double-Unders

Rest 6 minutes between rounds.

The goal is to score the same and feel the same on each round. Scale the Toes-to-Bars to Hanging Leg or Knee Raises as needed. You should be able to do at least a few sets unbroken. Scale the skipping to 7 attempts or 45 alternating foot skips.