Hi Folks! Hope you had a good rest day yesterday. Today will have a strength bias/focus. You will see a bit of variance day to day on what we are focusing on. We are offering a program that is as balanced as possible. Hope you enjoy!

Warm Up

Wrist Extension PAILs & RAILs 


3 Rounds:
3 Slow Swimmer’s Hovers 
Yoga Push-Ups 


Choose one of the super set options. Once completed move on to the pressing strength piece.
Superset Option 1:
A1) Tall Plank 

Beginner: :30
Intermediate: :45
Advanced: 1:00

A2) :10-:15 Bottom of Push-Up Hold  

Beginner/intermediate: use chair, railing, etc. to modify body load.

Rest :60 x 3-4 rounds

Superset Option 2:
A1) :20 Wall Facing Handstand Hold 
A2) :10-:20 Bottom of Headstand Hold

Rest :60 x 3-4 rounds

Pressing Strength:
5 x 3-5 Eccentric Only Push-Ups with :03-:05 Eccentric.

Rest :60 between sets

Beginner: Modified Push-Up (knees, hands on chair) or regular Push-Up
Intermediate: knees or feet on elevated object
Advanced: feet on high object or on wall (kick up to wall)