Hi Folks! Today we have an endurance bias that involves some running as well as some “for quality” work. For those of you that are just starting to follow along this is something that we have a large emphasis on in our programming. It’s not just about doing more work than before it about doing it better which will eventually make it easier.¬† If the running¬† is something you are new to or its been quite awhile please take it conservatively. We are just beginning to lay the foundations with all of these focuses, there will be more to come. Enjoy!

Warm Up:

Dynamic Range of Motion Flow

Run through 8-12 reps of each movement in this flow, should only take a couple minutes.

Complete 4 Rounds for quality of:

15 Hollow Rocks

20 Push Ups

25 Squats

The focus here is on preforming these movement as well as you possibly can. This means break up the set into manageable pieces in order to do each rep with virtuosity.


Progressive Tempo Run:

Run 8 Minutes Out

Return with a Negative Split (<8 Minutes)