Okay folk new cycle coming up here now. Get stoked!


In the first few weeks of this cycle you will see a lot of bodyweight movement in the conditioning in  order to prep you guys for “Murph” on July 1st. Details of how that day will run are to follow. As far as our target lifts for the cycle….

Monday: Clean and Jerk(Jerk Bias)+Conditioning/Assistance

Wednesday: Snatch/OH Squat+Conditioning

Friday: Back Squat + Deadlift +Conditioning

Saturday: Bench+Team Biased Conditioning/Assistance


Olympic Lifts Cycle

We’ll use Every Minute on the Minutes (complexes, multiple reps, touch-and-go reps), and on some days, just the conditioning during this cycle to increase proficiency, strength, and stamina on the lifts.

Back Squat Cycle

Weeks 1-8: 3 x 5 Linear Progression

Start light enough to increase weight by 5-10 lbs. each week for 8 weeks. The first few weeks may feel too light.

Deadlift Cycle

Weeks 1-2: 1 x 10
Weeks 3-4: 1 x 8
Weeks 5-6: 1 x 6
Weeks 7-8: 1 x 4

Warm up and perform one heavy set of the prescribed reps after Back Squatting. Increase weight each week.

Bench Cycle

Weeks 1-8: 3 x 5 Linear Progression

Same deal as the back squat cycle.


If you have any questions like always please don’t hesitate to ask!