I know some of you love the details of our programming while others just like to show up and be told whats going on that day. This programming update will be a little more vague than usual.

There are a few reasons for this, one come a weeks time( week of july 9-16th) we will be introducing to new days of class offerings. They will be Tuesday/Thursday at 615am. These classes will be added for the summertime as a trial and to see if there is much interest. A note here is with this addition there will be 6 days of programming. This is something I am hesitant to do for the fact that I believe all of you should have a minimum of 2 days off each week. Let me repeat that I do not want to see you in the gym 6 days in a row! Our body needs time to recover in order to train effectively.

This means I have two more days of programming to cover movements each week which is great!

Another big change to our programming is our strength training is now going to be leveled with a fitness and performance version of each days strength work.

Fitness programming is designed for all members between zero and six-plus months worth of consistent training at our gym, as well as intermediate athletes who find the Fitness strength to be better in line with their capacities and goals. This is where everyone new to the gym or training will start. Once you have completely exhausted your LPs on the slow lifts then should you move on to…

Performance programming are designed for individuals who have spent several months to years developing a solid foundation and are interested in pushing the envelope of their performance and capacity in the Gym.

How Do I Know if I Should Do “Fitness” or “Performance”

This will vary person to person and movement to movement. All of our new members out of Fundamentals will be required to follow “Fitness” for 4-6 months before considering transitioning to “Performance” workouts. Our current members may self select to perform the “Fitness” workouts based on their current level of development, goals, or abilities as well. Depending on the workout, you might even transition back and forth based on your capacity with the exercises included that day. What I mean by varying movement to movement. For example, someone who is a great squatter but poor at pressing overhead may follow the performance version of the Squat days yet may follow the fitness version of the Press days. If you have any questions please, like usual, don’t hesitate to ask.



The exact process of what this will look like this cycle will be explained through out the week. Here is a quick look at what will be hit on each day:

Monday: Squat

Tuesday: Press (starting the 10th)

Wednesday: Snatch/OHS

Thursday: Deadlift (Starting the 12th)

Friday: Body weight&Weighted Push/Pull

Saturday: Biasing aerobic capacity


Lets get after it!