Here is a quick overview of our upcoming training cycle. The idea here is to give you folks more information so you can make more informed decisions about your training. Leave a comment to let us know if you find this post helpful or not!

Training Cycle Dates: March.11th – May. 11th

Daily Focus:

Monday: Tempo Presses + Conditioning/Accessory Work

Upper body pushing with controlled tempo in order to develop good scapular control & improve shoulder health.

Tuesday: Hinging Patterns + Conditioning/Accessory Work

Various hinging patterns in order to build well rounded ability to hinge properly.

Wednesday: Back Squats + Conditioning/Accessory Work

Squatting with a Linear Progression in order to build lower body strength.

Thursday: Upper Body Push/Pull + Conditioning/Accessory Work

Various reps/movement schemes to balance & strengthen the upper body.

Friday: Full & Power Cleans + Conditioning/ Accessory Work

Different complexes and exposures to both Cleans & Power Cleans in order to develop power as well as explosive endurance.

Saturday: Endurance

Focusing on longer duration or multiple conditioning efforts. In order to build up our engine (our ability to do more work for longer).


Happy Training!