As of tomorrow we are switching gears and starting a new training cycle. Each day will have specific strength or skill work attached to it so get used to seeing certain lifts or skill work on the same days week after week. So if there is something in this cycle you really want to improve make a priority of getting to the gym on the day we are training said movement. The strength work for this cycle will look like this.

Mondays: we will be working Tempo Back Squats.

Wednesdays, will be a Shoulder Press LP( Linear progression) as well as some assistance work of upper body pushing and pulling.

Fridays, we will be practicing the Clean & Jerk,

Saturdays it will be a mix of skills and drills gear towards some gymnastics movements and continuing to master the basics.

Something else new that we will be playing with is SWUs, which I posted about in yesterdays post so if you don’t know what I’m talking about go check it out!


Happy training everyone!