It’s that time again, we are transitioning into a new cycle of training. I was really impressed with everyone’s improvements in the last eight weeks and looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next two months. Here’s whats on deck:


Monday- BackSquat+FrontSquat+Conditioning

Weeks 1-8:

1-BS 2×3, FS 2×3

2-BS 2×4, FS 2×4

3-BS 2×5, FS2x5

4-BS 2×3, FS 2×3

5-BS 2×4, FS 2×4

6-BS 2×5, FS 2×5

7-BS 2×5, FS2x5(Heavier than last week)

8- BS 5RM, FS 5RM

Back Squat first then move directly into Front Squat. Start the first week light enough to make all the reps without too much difficulty. The goal is to increase the reps by 1 for three weeks using the same weight. If you tested a 3RM at the end of last cycle then start with a weight slightly below it and aim to use that weight for your 2×3 in week 4.

Wednesday- Bodyweight Upper Body Strength+ Conditioning

The goal here is to incorporate more gymnastics strength training, we are looking to improve not only skill, but gymnastic work capacity and muscular endurance. The work will vary on these days Anything from handstands to Gymnastic biased EMOMs. Expect to see a few NFT days here.


Friday- Deadlift/Clean Complexes +Conditioning

Deadlift/Clean work will be varied. These days will look much like this: Warm up, lift heavy enough to prime your body and mind for the lighter weights used in the workout, and then crush the conditioning!!

Saturday- Endurance Biased Workouts/Dedicated conditioning day

The goal here is to increase work capacity. The focus is on more steady state work and longer workouts, expect exposures of longer (>15min) time domain workouts.There will be less emphasis on strength or high skilled movements during these sessions to promote a more sustained effort during workouts.


If anyone has any questions about the cycle please don’t be shy. Also I always love feedback on the programming, via comments or in person. It can be easy to get stuck into doing something, in this case programming, a certain way. Tell me what you loved/hated about the last cycle!!